Timber Cladding

Timber cladding is one way in which you can  make sure that the interior of your home is not damaged by the weather, the sun and the rain.  Not only is timber long-lasting and sturdy, but also, it is extremely appealing.  It also provides the building with thermal insulation.

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Fibre Cement Sheet Cladding

New Century is committed to using both modern techniques and materials. During numerous projects we have used such diverse cladding materials such as

  • Stria Cladding
  • Axon Cladding
  • Matrix Cladding
  • Linea Weatherboards & Cladding
  • Scyon Cladding
  • Axent Trim


Each one of these materials have their own benefits including speed, security, maintenance, durability, design options and energy efficiency.
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