Occupational Health Safety

New Century Renovations has a commitment to provide safe and healthy workplaces for our employees and others who may be affected by our work, with the objective of preventing work related injuries and illnesses.

New Century Renovations is also committed to protecting our employees by complying with OH&S legislation, demonstrating due diligence and the application of industry-based OH&S procedures. For all people who may be affected by our work, safety will always take precedence over job expediency.

Our key objectives are:

  • Implementing proactive Health and Safety management strategies
  • Integrating OHS management into our projects at the planning stage
  • Controlling the risks of hazards by the Occupational Risk Management process of Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control
  • Monitoring and reviewing risk controls to ensure they remain effective
  • Involving our employees in the decision making processes through structured communication, consultation and training
  • Providing ongoing education and learning for our employees to enable them to work in the safest way possible
  • Requiring employees to comply with their legislated and Company OHS responsibilities
  • Implementing continuous improvement strategies