New Century Group Australia is committed to promoting the sustainable building industry.

The production of wood products uses less energy (usually sourced from finite fossil fuels) compared with some other building materials.

As a fuel, sustainably grown and harvested wood (and other biomass) provides a renewable alternative to fossil fuels.

Australia’s forest management is among the best in the world in terms of conservation reserves and codes of practice for production forests. Only 6% of Australia’s 147 million hectares of native forests is public forest potentially available for timber harvesting. Timber is harvested from about 1% of these public native forests each year.

Australia has two forestry certification schemes which enable users of wood and wooden products to know the source of the wood. They include a Chain of Custody Standard to track forest and wood products throughout the supply chain. This provides consumers with assurance that the forest and wood products they are purchasing are from forests that are managed to the highest possible standards.

New Century Group Australia is proud to be a part of Australian Living’s Eco Challenge. This project is to  help challenging home owners to build the most sustainable home they can afford. For further information on this project please click here